Did you know a recent marketing study of 400+ companies showed that “overachieving” businesses use event marketing as their primary marketing tool for customer acquisition.  In our increasingly cluttered and skeptical world people are more willing to trust and purchase from companies they have made a personal connection with.  

Also, do keep in mind your competition is only a mouse click away.  If so, then how do you not only compete but grow your business in this hyper competitive environment?  Answer … get your business in front of a live audience.  The Largest Mixer provides a highly efficient and cost effective way to get your brand, products and people face-to-face with a highly engaged audience.  The opportunity to create a personal relationship with your customers is the most effective way to gain their business.

ATT Booth

Benefits of Showcasing your Business at the Largest Mixer

Regardless of advancements in knowledge and technology nothing surpasses personal interaction when it comes to business success. Considering this, people do business with people they know and trust and it all starts with an introduction and a handshake and the Largest Mixer provides that introduction.

Showcasing your business as an exhibitor gives you numerous advantages over simply purchasing a general admission ticket and coming through the door as an attendee:

  1. Your booth acts like a GIANT business card as it clearly identifies who you are and what you do helping attract others who would be most interested in making an introduction.
  2. You are able to shape the conversation by using signage and marketing materials that communicate what you are wishing to focus and talk about.
  3. You can bring samples or displays that give you the visual or hands-on advantage you won’t have as an attendee.
  4. It creates a space that you control making it easier to talk and interact with others without trying to do so in an aisle way or other distracting location.
  5. You are able to navigate more than one conversation at a time as you can have several representatives at your booth simultaneously.
  6. A booth at the Largest Mixer makes for a great rallying point for your organization and provides you with the opportunity to invite VIPs and potential customers to the Mixer as your guest.
  7. Your business receives additional networking opportunities and advertising support provided by the Largest Mixer.

Waiting for the telephone to ring or someone to answer a Tweet is NOT a business strategy. The Largest Mixer offers you and your business an affordable and efficient way to connect face-to-face with other like minded business professionals who are also seeking to create relationships that build and grow businesses.  Join us and Meet Your Next Client!

Industries that Showcase their Businesses at the Largest Mixer

Accountants & CPA’s
Addiction Specialists
Advertising Agencies
Advertising Specialties
Amusement Parks
Barter or Trade Groups
Business and Sales Training
Business Brokers
Business Catering
Business Insurance
Business Lenders
Business Membership Organizations
Casino Gaming
Cellular Providers
Chambers of Commerce
Commercial Cleaning
Commercial HVAC
Commercial Real Estate
Consumer Chain Retailers
Convention & Visitor Bureaus
Creative Services
Dental Providers
Display Advertising
Education (Colleges & Universities)

Entertainment Centers
E-Waste Recycling
Financial Planners
Food Manufacturers
Governmental Agencies
Health Insurance
Home Maintenance
Identity Protection
Indoor Advertising
International Business Developers
Investment Brokers & Traders
IT & Cloud
Local Banks
Medical & Hospitals
Mortgage Lenders
Moving Companies
Networking Groups
Office Equipment
Office Furniture
Office Space
Office Staffing
Office Supplies
Outdoor Advertising

Point of Sales
Public Relations Firms
Radio, Television & Outdoor
Real Estate Brokers
Screen Printing
Security & Protection Firms
Small Business Advisory Groups
Small Business Entrepreneurs
Social Media Marketing
Software Developers
Special Events
Sports Teams
Storage & Delivery
Success Coaches
Supply Chain Solutions
Tech Companies
Think Tanks
Video Production
Web Marketing
Website Development

Booth Examples

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