Orange County Small Business Mixer Expo 2017

Provider of Customer Engagement Solution to retailers and small-medium businesses, including text-based mobile marketing platform, digital loyalty rewards system, social media enhancement, analytics, and marketing strategy consulting services.   Designed to increase businesses’ revenue contribution from repeat customers, and bring new customers via targeted engagement on social media.  Currently serving restaurants, auto service centers, and general retailers.

Mobile Marketing:

mytextrewards brings the power of Text Marketing to small and big business alike! We’ll help you build your own customer list and market to them in the most effective ways possible.  By utilizing the customers built through loyalty program, you can engage them using text broadcasts with enticing offers to bring them to your place of business or events, at the moment they are most likely to buy, or when you need them most.   Because you reach them via text at the right moment, and because they are your loyal customers who demanded to enroll with you, they will respond to your message!  Data shows the highest read rates, response rates, and redemption rates.

Digital Loyalty Rewards Solution

Repeat customers are likely to spend 78% more than non-repeat customers.  Average customer is a Member of 24 loyal programs.  From Airlines, to grocery stores, restaurants, hair salons, to coffee shops.  So the concept is great but we do not want your customers to carry another card or download another app.  So we removed the card, the app, the barcode and the QR code; making it easier for both business owner and customers. Your customers don’t have to remember any rewards numbers.  Everyone knows his/her mobile number, so that is what your customers will use.  Quick and Easy.


mytextrewards is Exhibiting at Orange County's Largest Mixer

Interface to Social Media

Our solution engages your customers right on their phone to provide reviews and ratings about your business and their experience with you, at the moment they are most likely to want to share the experience with their social network.  Word of mouth remains the most effective advertising, and reviews and ratings from your loyal customers will bring you more new customers and repeat business.

Revenue and Marketing Analytics

Access to Real-time reports on all your campaigns gives you instant feedback on the success of your marketing efforts. Receive weekly & monthly analytic reports to leverage customer data and gain insight specific to your business trends.  We’ll analyze your customer’s habits & measure your effectiveness & response rates. Watch your customer cycle of repeat customers increase on the graph over time. If you want to see how many new opt-ins signed up last night, simply sign in to your website portal to see the results anytime, anywhere.  Track rewards & inactive customer offers sent and how many have been redeemed.  You’re mobile marketing strategist will report these statistics at each monthly meeting.


About Orange County’s Largest Mixer: Over 25 Orange County area chambers of commerce and business organizations will be at this year’s Orange County’s Largest Mixer XIV, the most heralded business mixer and expo of the year, being held Tuesday, March 28, 2017 from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. at the OC Fair & Event Center, 88 Fair Dr., Costa Mesa, CA 92626.

Orange County’s Largest Mixer XIV – part social mixer, part business expo – is the 14th installment in the “Largest Mixer®” family of events that has already produced successful mixers for the past 19 years in Los Angeles, Inland Empire and Las Vegas. For a complete list of exhibitors and sponsors, please visit or call 949.338.8338 for further information.

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