Resource Leaders helps identify new ways to grow your business!

Resource Leaders is your Orange County-based boutique market intelligence firm providing business insights on industry trends and custom research on companies.

We combine the best of technology and human intelligence to help identify new ways to grow. Whether you are an established firm, a start-up or anywhere in-between, Resource Leaders works with you to unearth new possibilities.

Established Businesses: Targeted Market Research of Prospects

Resource Leaders works with established firms to identify new channels of growth. We provide cutting-edge intelligence and insights to your sales force, to help them convert prospects, or deepen relationships with their existing accounts.

We provide accurate and targeted intelligence on the customer – their pain points, their growth avenues, the evolution of their market in the future to look like in the next few years, their competition, to even what your competition is proposing to your customer. We provide you the exact information that you need to establish and achieve a successful long-term relationship with your prospects. What’s more, we do all of this in an extremely time- and cost-efficient manner, with high quality and integrity.

Startups: Business Plans

Resource Leaders works with startups and other firms in a growth mode to help create new revenue sources. We work with the busy entrepreneur to understand his/her unique product/service. We then create a complete business plan that entails a deep dive into the product or service, its value proposition, market, customer, competition, operational plan, marketing plan, financial projections, and more. In short, all the information that you need to approach investors or banks to raise capital for your next venture.

 Investors: Due Diligence of Prospects

If you are an investor, Resource Leaders works with you to conduct a complete due diligence of potential acquisitions, in all global markets. Our study provides you with relevant and in-depth insights about the marketplace, the company’s strengths, and weak points as well as provide an in-depth study of its competitors.

Companies of Any Size and Any Industry: Intelligent Industry News

In-depth knowledge can often give you the edge you need to succeed in the market. Resource Leaders provides relevant and curated industry news to educate your entire company. The current sources of news that employees consume can be too generic and sometimes not relevant enough to make a difference in their professional lives. We can feed your company highly relevant daily/weekly/monthly news in the format that you wish.

Companies Seeking to Enter New Markets: Market Study

Before you enter a new market or a new geography and spend valuable resources proofing your idea, Resource Leaders can step in and help you with an in-depth study to evaluate the viability of the market, the players and come up with a launch plan. So, you enter with the significant advantage of knowing the terrain, before actually having boots on the ground.

Companies Needing to Polish Their Voice: White Papers and Blog Posts

Resource Leaders helps your company establish thought leadership by creating POV articles and blog posts on various social media channels. We use our specialized analysis and research mechanisms to do this. Besides creating your unique voice in a crowded marketplace, this also helps you occupy the high-ground in your market.


More more information please visit www.resourceleaders.com or call 949.754.4088

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